Announcement for the affected Kiwi and Tangerine switches

About our batch

Recently we have received some emails asking about the affected switches, and I believe many customers have seen the announcement of TKC, the designer of the Kiwi and Tangerine switches. 

In line with the attitude of being responsible to all the customers, we have been closely followed up on this case and the final investigation result by today. 

The final result we got is that our Kiwi switches are not within the affected batches, and for the tangerine switches, a small amount of switches were affected.

Further action:

An email will be sent to the affected customers within 1-3 working days, with all the necessary information and the next step included. 

Understand many of the customers haven't received the parcel as it may take longer for international shipping. No worries about the timeline, anytime after you receive the parcel, don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to support you! 


To serve you better, please do not submit individual support tickets through Contact us or email, as we will be handling the affected switches by our processing sequence and resolve it in a more efficient way. 

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