IRON180 Keyboard by Smith+Rune

We're pleased to partner with Smith + Rune to bring you the Iron180 keyboard!

Iron180 Features

The Iron180 is the second board in the IRON series, sharing the same aesthetic and design language of our debut board, the Iron165.

  • 7 Degree Typing Angle
  • Full Gasket Isolation Mount
  • Low-profile Front Height (less than 17mm)
  • Seamless Case Design
  • QMK/VIA compatible PCB, designed in collaboration with Gondolindrim
  • Unified C3 USB-C daughterboard (centered on case)
  • Optimized plate for consistency on every key press (see analysis below)
  • Color-matched Rune artisan keycap
  • Polished stainless steel Rune in base

Iron 180 Colors

Each board can be purchased with a black anodized aluminum base or upgrade to full brass base (sandblasted, UV coated).

  • Graen (Midnight Green)
  • Graphite
  • E-white


799 SGD w/aluminum base
1138 SGD w/full brass base
*Price based on USD, the currency rate may change.

Addons and Extras
(We will convert it into SGD on Nov 15th)

  • Brass plates - $55 USD
  • Forged carbon plates (we're really excited about this!) - $55 USD
  • PCBs w/JST and daughterboard - $65 USD
  • Brass Salvun rune artisan keycaps - $60 USD
  • Aluminum S+R rune artisan keycaps (all GB colors and black) - $32 USD

Supported Layouts

There will be three plate layout options, semi-fixed. All plates support split backspace and split right shift. ISO plates may not be available from all vendors. The ANSI plate is not compatible with the Winkeyless top.

  • ANSI (6.25u bottom row)

  • Tsangan (7u bottom row)

  • ISO (7u bottom row)


300 sets with FCFS, region lock applies for the first 5 mins.
(Only Asia and Pacific island buyers can join the GB in the first 5 mins). We will remove the region lock after 5 mins. 


What's in The Box

  • Iron180 Keyboard
  • Brass Plate
  • PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST cable
  • Color-matched Rune artisan keycap
  • Stainless and Black Screws (for different aesthetics)
  • Screw spacers (for flush mount look)
  • Gaskets



IRON180 GB will open on 14th Nov 11 pm SGT.



Step1: Get Your Spot

We will open the group buy on 14th Nov at 11:00pm (SGT time) for you to secure your iron180 slot. All you need to do is to check out the base with FREE SHIPPING.

Yes! You will only need to check out the base ($799 SGD), this is to make sure you can secure your slot within the shortest time without worrying about the color and extra parts.

Please note that there is no free shipping for this group buy, this FREE SHIPPING is for faster check out. The actual shipping fee will be calculated during the next section.

If you successfully check out the base order, Congratulations! This means you are on board for iron180.

You don’t have to worry about the color and add-on, as we will open another link on 15th Nov at 11:00pm (SGT time) for you to choose.

Please note:

  1. 1 person, 1-unit, extra units will be cancelled
  2. No spot transfer will be allowed. We will only ship to the original customer.


Step 2: Choose the color and add-ons

The link for you to choose the color and extras will be open for 5 days from 15th Nov 11pm (SGT) to 20th Nov 11 pm (SGT). 

Please note:

  1. Don’t be panic, you will have enough time to think about it! Please double check your color and add-on before checking out. You can ONLY check out your add-ons in ONE order. We are unable to combine two add-on orders or edit the items.
  2. Please check out under the same account which you placed your base order. If you check out with different account, we are unable to match the two orders together and will cancel your slot.
  3. We recommend using DHL Express for international orders.
  4. We are unable to upgrade shipping method after order purchased. Please consider your shipping method before checking out. 

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