New function for FCFS groupbuy

Introducing a brand new FCFS function for small qty group buy.



Click the black button: Join the FCFS Queue here.

Step 2:

Sign in your iLumkb account. If you are the first time customer, kindly register account before the FCFS drop.
Tips: there are 2 tabs on this pop up window, make sure you click Sign In instead of Register Account)


Step 3:


Once you clicked the Join waiting list, you will see a window pop up stating that you are now #your position on the waiting list.
If you are #1, which mean you are the first customer who joined the FCFS. 

Step 4:

Our staff will manually activate your spot accordingly within 1-3 mins.
Once we activate it, you can refresh the product page and you will see add to cart button instead of join the FCFS Queue.

At the same time, you will receive an email from us with the purchase link.
Refresh the product page or click the link from email both work:)

Step 5:

Make sure you select everything and check out in ONE order

NO RUSH and NO PANIC AT ALL, once we have activated your spot in step 4, it means your spot has been secured.

You will have 10 mins to complete the order.

if we didn't receive your order after 10 mins, we will de-activate your spot and you will get banned for all the future iLumkb FCFS grouybuys.

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