Pneuma MK.1



There are no visible screws on the Pneuma due to the faceplate at the bottom of the case. This faceplate covers the screws that hold the base and top piece together and is secured from the top side by a set of hidden screws.

  • Covering case angle

The typing angle differs 1 degree from the case angle. This covers a small portion of the upper keycaps to create a more visually even look from the side.

The Philosophy

The board was developed around the design philosophy that there are three acts of interaction with a product; noticing it from a distance, coming within its regular usage distance and getting upclose with the product.

1. The exterior of the Pneuma uses fundamental shapes and soft lines without many distracting features. This creates an appealing shape that can be seen from a far and lures the viewer in.

2. Once the viewer gets closer he/she can notice the symmetry of the board and design cues like the screwless exterior and the fact that the slope of the board actually differs from the typing angle.

3. The final act is the close-up view with the product. Here the tiny little details like the tight fitment of the parts, the attention to detail of the internal design and the quality of the surface finishes from the different materials that are used.

All this makes for a refined / minimal aesthetic that that lures the viewer at first glance but becomes more and more interesting the closer you get and the longer you look at it. In short, a board that Stef is very proud to present here!

Options and pricing

All available options can be checked out through this link.

Product & Price

Product Price
Pneuma Aluminium edition $740
Pneuma Stainless steel edition  $930
Extra pcb  $70
Extra CF ANSI plate  $59
Extra PC ANSI plate  $59
Extra PC ISO plate  $59
Extra gaskets  $17
Note: All prices inclusive GST and might vary slightly at your local vendor due to the conversion of currency.




Pneuma Mk.1 prototype typing test

Pneuma Mk.1 reveal animation [2021]
Pneuma with lubed Alpacas

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