Satisfaction 75 Group Buy Updates


S75 GB will open on 31st Oct 11 pm SGT.
NA customers can join the GB on 1st Nov at 11:00am (SGT) as there is a region lock for the first 12 hours.


Step 1: Get Your Slot

We will open the group buy on 31st Oct at 11:00pm (SGT time) for you to secure your satisfaction 75 slot. All you need to do is to check out the base with FREE SHIPPING.

Yes! You will only need to check out the base ($650 SGD), this is to make sure you can secure your slot within the shortest time without worrying about the color and extra parts.
please note that there is no free shipping for this group buy, this FREE SHIPPING is for faster check out. The actual shipping fee will be calculated during the next section.

If you successfully check out the base order, Congratulations! This means you are on board for satisfaction 75.

You don’t have to worry about the color and add-on, as we will open another link on 1st Nov at 11:00pm (SGT time) for you to choose.

Please note:

  1. 1 person, 1-unit, extra units will be cancelled
  2. No spot transfer will be allowed. We will only ship to the original customer.


Step 2: Choose the color and add-ons

The link for you to choose the color and extras will be open for ONE WEEK from 1st Nov 11pm (SGT) to 7th Nov 11pm (SGT). 

Please note:

  1. Don’t be panic, you will have enough time to think about it! Please double check your color and add-on before checking out. You can ONLY check out your add-ons in ONE order. We are unable to combine two add-on orders or edit the items.
  2. Please check out under the same account which you placed your base order. If you check out with different account, we are unable to match the two orders together and will cancel your slot.
  3. We recommend using DHL Express for international orders.
  4. We are unable to upgrade shipping method after order purchased. Please consider your shipping method before checking out. 

Something you need to prepare before the GB

Create iLumkb Account, double check your personal information, you email and your shipping address. 

This is to ensure a fast checking out with saved account information.

Please see the instructions below for account information:

  • Click here for account login or account creation.


  • Login with your password if you already have an account.

    OR create a new account if you are new to ILUMKB. 

  • After login to the account, check your address under the Account Details. Click the View Addresses if you want to edit it.
  • Click the edit to change the address OR Add a new address to your account.



1. Can I change my shipping address after order placed. 

Yes we can help but please double check the shipping address before checking out. 

If you really need to change your shipping address because of moving to another place, please contact us before we ship out your order with your latest address.

2. If I failed to get a slot for the base, can I still proceed to step 2 to purchase extras? 

Yes you can! Understand that some of you may have s75 R1. 

3. Can I ship my order together with my friend? 

Sorry we can't. Each order will be shipped individually. 


A big thanks to Upas from CannonKeys, bringing us this awesome satisfaction 75 keyboard!

Happy Typing! :D

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