Satisfaction75 Keyboard Update - July 2021

This is the latest update we got from The CannonKeys Team. 

The revised ETA for Satisfaction75 is Q4 2021. 
This isn't the timeline we hoped to share, but it is based on the latest information. We've adjusted as best as we can to manufacturing constraints, supply chain issues, as well as the reality of increased shipping times. 
As we've been working hard to mitigate these issues, here are some solid updates: 
  • Case manufacturing: Half of the Satisfaction75 units have been manufactured and anodized, and are actively being assembled. The remaining units are waiting on anodization [then assembly]. 
  • RAMA knobs: En route via air shipment, to land at CannonKeys in the next couple of weeks. 
  • PCBs: PCB-only group buy orders have shipped. 
  • Timeline: This timeline is based on all information to date. While we're disappointed in the delay, we're pleased our countermeasures so far have prevented this from being pushed back further. 
We wanted to communicate this substantive update as clearly as possible. This was our largest group buy to date; hence we're exercising extra caution to make sure we provide a realistic timeline, and make sure we deliver the highest quality product as timely as possible. 
We will continue sending these emails and providing updates when we receive new information, and we look forward to sharing more. 
We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding.

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