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[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond
[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond

[Group Buy] Aurora x Zen Pond

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Drops @ 00:00 GMT +8 Nov. 12th, 2021

Wuque Studio is glad to have teamed up with @Sayantan, the designer of GMK Zen Pond for another Koi fish-themed kit.

Limit to TWO sets per household.

Any kits ordered beyond the limit will be refunded, minus a 4% processing fee. 

A standard-sized, widely available LiPo battery is required if you purchase a wireless PCB to use wirelessly. But it's not provided as an add-on. You can source it on your own.

Aurora x Zen Pond doesn't come with GMK Zen Pond keycaps, they are sold separately.


  • Variable gasket mount structure. Remove some or all of the gasket chips to change from firm to bouncy. Both Silicone and Poron gaskets are included to fine-tune the experience even further!
  • Default PCB (PCB05 Bodo) is a hot-swap PCB that supports multiple layouts with flex cut! This is a very unique feature that lets you use any or all of split L Shift, split R Shift, split Backspace, split spacebar, stepped Caps Lock, and ISO Enter, anytime you want. No soldering is necessary! 
  • The badges are hot-swappable, meaning you can change them without taking apart the case! 

    What's included:

    • 1x Ikki68 Aurora x GMK Zen Pond case (Alu top case). 
    • 1x Multi-layout hot-swap QMK PCB (Bodo)
    • 1x Hotswap Namebadge set
    • 1x Default PC plate
    • 1x Silicone dampening pad between PCB & plate
    • 1x Silicone dampening pad between PCB & case
    • 1x Silicon Gaskets Set
    • 1x Poron Gaskets Set
    • 1x Keyboard storage case
    • 1x Coiled USB cable
    • 6x 2u + 1x 6.25u set of color-matched stabilizers
    • Extra screws, diodes, sockets, keyboard feet, hex screwdriver

    * Aurora x Zen Pond case and GMK Zen Pond will be color matched by different sets of people, and they will be produced at two different factories. There may be a slight variation in final colors from renders. We will try our best to match as close as possible to the Pantone chip picked by the designer. 



    • Case Material: Aluminum Top case, PC bottom case.
    • Default plate material: PC 
    • Weight (fully assembled, with optional weight): 1150g
    • Weight (fully assembled, no optional weight): 830g
    • Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
    • Dimensions: 13.6" x 4.4"
    • Base height: 0.9" tall without rubber feet


    PCBs, Plates, and Other Add-ons Here.
    Matching Stabilizers Pre-order Here.
    Matching Switches Pre-order Here.


    GB Starts: Nov 12th, 2021
    GB Ends: Nov 26th, 2021
    Est. shipping date: April 2022