Chapter 1 Keyboard Kit

Chapter 1, by Rooke

Chapter 1 has been designed to honor the materials used in a sophisticated and striking way.

This is done by easily making all parts that make up the board visible in one way or another; allowing for nearly endless ways to mix and match plates, knobs, weights and your own keycaps to achieve a build that is truly what you want!

The single-piece weight spans across the width of the board that creates an amazing sound - specifically for the alphas with the higher density of brass, copper, or stainless steel weight!

The custom knob was designed to match the aesthetics of Chapter 1 and brings a totally new look and feel to keyboards with knobs!

The leaf spring plate was designed to achieve a bouncier, softer typing feel rather than being flexy. This effect works perfectly on PC and aluminum plates, with brass and copper naturally being much stiffer.