Delta Keyboard

 The Delta is a modern industrial 65% keyboard that was built to impress.

 Featuring a sturdy and unique design with gasket mounting, no externally visible screws, and a conveniently sized & positioned programmable rotary encoder, the Delta has everything you need in a 65% keyboard. Its form and function in one neat package, with a stunning triangle-themed design and solderable PCB designed for optimal feedback.


  • GB Starts: 16:00 PM SGT, Nov 13th, 2021
  • GB Ends: Dec 12th, 2021 or Spots sold out
  • QTY: 75 Units FCFS on (25 Units FCFS CN Region)
  • Est. shipping date: Q3-Q4 2022


How to join iLumkb keyboard FCFS GB?

1. Purchase a spot to lock the kit. (You don't need to pay the shipping fee at the moment, it is the virtual ticket for you. You can use free shipping to check your spot order.
2. Choose your colors, add-ons by placing another order. We will send out a link to your email for you to choose the color and add-ons. Shipping costs will be calculated in this order.
3. You have successfully joined this group buys.

You will have two orders for this GB, one is the spot, another is the color option/addons/upgrade.

If you miss the deadline to choose the color, we will randomly pick up one color for you. Do check it out before the GB ends, to make sure you can get the color you like. 

Why we are doing it this way?
Once the spot is secured, you will have a lot of time to think about the color and addons.