Freebird TKL

KFA's first keyboard project, the FreeBird60 had a lot of interest, so they decided to make "FreeBird" a series of good quality & affordable keyboards! 

KFA noticed that there are not that many affordable and quality TKL keyboards in the market, so they have decided to work on FB TKL as their next project, with Dingus and Taylor. Just like FB60, FB TKL will be an aluminum board, and it will be offered in 4 E-Coated colors. Also, offering WKL! Yes, we heard you WKL lovers!!!

Group Buy Period:
Dec 8th to Jan 14th

About QC standards:
All the kits will be QC by the KFA team. Every kit we received has passed QC and there is no exchange or refund for this product. By purchasing this product, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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