[GroupBuy] GMK DMG
[GroupBuy] GMK DMG
[GroupBuy] GMK DMG
[GroupBuy] GMK DMG
[GroupBuy] GMK DMG
[GroupBuy] GMK DMG
[GroupBuy] GMK DMG

[GroupBuy] GMK DMG

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Christmas morning 1989. Many of us tore into a wrapped package containing one of these and played it tirelessly until you ran out of AA batteries. Or until it got dark. Or until our parents yelled at us to take out the trash or shovel snow.
GMK DMG is our take on this classic. Bring a bit of nostalgia to your battle station or workspace.

GB Timeline:
1st of Nov to 16th of Nov

Expected Ship Time:
April of 2020

Short Introduction about the kits:
Base: It has all the basic layouts you needed, like standard TKL, 60%, 65% ,etc.

Pocket 40%: Design for 40% layout users.

Spacebar: It contains all the popular spacebar sizes.

Also, we are bringing the deskmat for DMG,
Color Version

Mono Version

Please Note:

This is a pre-order product and PLS don't order any other items which are not relevant to GMK DMG product.

The end product may vary in color from the renders(image is shown on this GB page) as they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the end product. If you purchased this product, you are agreeing to the above terms. 

For cancelation:
During the Group Buy period, You can cancel the order. 
There are no refunds or cancelations on this product after Group Buy has ended.