Matrix 8XV 3.0

We are so excited to work with Matrix Lab again and bring you the Matrix 8XV 3.0 Keyboard Kit.

The Matrix 3.0 offers you everything you could possibly want: various front-facing options, alternative bottom-weight upgrades, and, our favorite, an incredible range of finishes for that perfect pairing.

Packed with features such as gasket AND top mounting, 2 different foam sheets, different lighting configurations, and more, this board guarantees the top quality, hobbyist level build experience and final product the Matrix team is known for. Standard edition bottom weight will be randomized colors.

The group buy will run for 7 days only.

GB Starts: March 10th, 18:00 PM, 2022
GB Ends: March 18th, 23:59 PM, 2022
Est. shipping date: Q4 2022 or Q1 2023

Geekhack Introduction for Matrix 8XV 3.0 is available here.