Krytox Lubricants
Krytox Lubricants
Krytox Lubricants

Krytox Lubricants

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Lubing Switch is one of the most important steps when we assembling the keyboard. A thinner lube can smooth switches while a thicker lube are good for silent switches.

 Lubricant weight
Krytox 105 3ml(6 grams)per vial
Krytox 205 grade 2 5 grams per vial
Krytox 205 grade 0 5 grams per vial


105 is oil, good for linear switches like Cherry red, cherry black, Gateron yellow and etc, It is very easy to apply.

205 grade 2 is grease, it is good stabs.

205 grade 0 is also grease, but the consistency is lower than grade 2. Most importantly. it is very to apply and it can silent the linear switch. For the tactile switch, if you want to reduce your tactile feeling, you can apply this on the stem bumper. 

FYI, so far the g0 is my personal mixed version using 65% Krytox 205 and 35% Krytox 105. 45 day after fully mixed, THERE IS NO SEPARATE AT ALL.

(Recommended by iLouis_07)

However, lubing and feel is very subjective.

One 3mL vial of Krytox 105 or 5 grams vial of Krytox 205 is more than enough for 2 full keyboards. (about 250 switches or more)