[GB] CannonCaps ZeRo
[GB] CannonCaps ZeRo
[GB] CannonCaps ZeRo
[GB] CannonCaps ZeRo

[GB] CannonCaps ZeRo

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You can get the matching Zero Deskmat.

We're pleased to offer our new Cherry profile PBT Dyesubbed CannonCaps with this great design from Rensuya!

Over the past year or so, we've been looking for manufacturers to help us make Cherry-profile PBT Dyesubbed keycaps. After a lot of searching, we've finally found one! 

CannonCaps ZeRo is the first set we're running with this new manufacturer! Since this is a new manufacturer, they don't have all the molds for kits we'd eventually like to offer, but the base kit we're offering has compatibility for a variety of boards!

These PBT keycaps won't shine as quickly as GMK keycaps and feature a nice, smooth texture. The side walls measure 1.4mm thick, and they are dyesubbed with crisp legends - both straight-on and reverse dyesub. 

Featuring white, grey, and black, this set is sure to complement a wide variety of keyboards!


GB Starts: Aug 1st, 2020
GB Ends: Sep 1st, 2020
Est. shipping date: Feb 2021

Keycap Specs:

  • Profile: Cherry
  • Sculpt:1-1-2-3-4-4
  • Legends: Dye-sub
  • Plastic: PBT


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