Elite-C (v3.1)

Elite-C (v3.1)

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The Elite-C is an Pro Micro drop-in microcontroller developed to offer a better alternative to the Pro Micro while still being fully backwards-compatible. It sports the very same AVR ATmega32u4 8-bit microcontroller which has an integrated USB controller and pin-out while adding 6 more pins. Like the name states, the Elite-C features a more modern USB-C port which is also more durable and less prone to tear-out. Since almost all keyboards utilize the Pro Micro's footprint, this drop-in upgrade is a great way to take any board you build to the next level.


  • USB-C Connector
  • Matte Black PCB


  • 6 additional ATmega32u4 pins broken out (F0, F1, C7, D5, B7, and B0)
  • USB pins broken out
  • On-board reset button (you can still use the reset button on the keyboard PCB if it has one)
  • Compatible with all Pro Micro-based PCBs
  • USB-C connector