[GB] GMK Bread Cable
[GB] GMK Bread Cable
[GB] GMK Bread Cable
[GB] GMK Bread Cable

[GB] GMK Bread Cable

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This is a custom USB cable by FatboyChard made to perfectly match with your GMK Bread set!

Specs for the cable are as follows:
Paracord: Brasso
Techflex: Carbon
Heatshrinks: Clear
Connector: Tubby V2
Main cable length: 150CM
Detachable end length: 20CM

Please Note:
Because this is a group-buy, if you order this item with any other items besides GMK Bread products, your order will be canceled. Do not order this item with different group-buy/pre-order products.

The end product may vary in color from the renders(image is shown on this GB page) as they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the end product. If you purchased this product, you are agreeing to the above terms. 

During the Group Buy period, You Only can cancel the order in 7 days after you place the order. 
There are no refunds or cancelations on this product after Group Buy has ended.