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[GB] GMK Wild
[GB] GMK Wild
[GB] GMK Wild
[GB] GMK Wild

[GB] GMK Wild

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Designed by T.D Lemon 1900.

The story behind GMK Wild

It has been more than three years since my first keycap set Camping was opened on August 16th.

The wind is still warm; as the night awakens, the hyena lurks in the shadows. It slinks around, but this is my place tonight - no one to disturb me, no one to care, only me and my useless heart. 

WILD is a continuation of Camping. The two are complementary yet independent, like sea and sky. The youth who were camping in the woods are now in the wilderness, playing, rampant in the jungle.

When designing camping, the focus points - the forest, the bonfire, the trio of stars - are all highlighted separately. While this distinction can be beauteous, it resulted in an artistic creation that is comprised of too many independent and singular entities. If anything, the outlined portions stood out too much. I've matured over these past 3 years, both as a person and a designer, and my design style has grown to reflect that journey.

So, in WILD, I added a lot of elements and thoughts to explain this "wild", the figurative animals and scenes added small elements of playfulness, to make it more thematic and fuller of imagination. Keeping in line with this, I've made some additions to Wild. The fauna icons, the scene depictions, and the navigational symbols were all included to add an element of playfulness. Moreover, each of these individually contributes to the painting of a larger picture. They each visualize an aspect of the expansive wilderness. Thematically, you might camp *in* the wild. Camping is but one portion of the holistic concept that the wild.

I've kept the wildfire novelty from camping; whilst my stylistic preferences have shifted since that first creation of mine, I believe we should never forget our humble beginnings, the once naive seeds that have since grown and come to know what it is to be wild.
(Credit to Toasty for the amazing translation)


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Kit Introduction:

All-in-One Kit

It has almost everything you need(except 40% kits).


Maybe you are not familiar with T.D Lemon 1900, so who is he?

  • The SA Camping and GMK Camping r1 designer.
  • Matrix Lab Graphic designer
  • GMK Matrix-01 designer.


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