[Group Buy] IV Ashes Switches
[Group Buy] IV Ashes Switches
[Group Buy] IV Ashes Switches
[Group Buy] IV Ashes Switches

[Group Buy] IV Ashes Switches

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Switch Specification

  • Lv1 Switch
  • 5 pin HPE milky housing
  • New thick-pole POM linear stem
  • 3.9 mm travel
  • 22 mm x 63.5 g double spring
  • Color-matched to IV Ashes
  • Manufactured with Tecsee
  • Dry switch
  • 36 switches per order

A unique linear switch to complete your Ashes build. Designed to be the modern everyday switch with ultra smooth travel, deep sound signature, and distinct feel.

New linear stem with thick-pole for increased feedback without harsh bottom out. This stem mimics the feel of a long-pole stem by increasing the strike surface between the pole and bottom housing. It generates more feel and sound without the negatives of the shorter travel and fatigue of the long-pole hitting the bottom housing. Stem rails have also been thickened to decrease wobble. Features a 22mm x 65.5 gram Double Spring for a crisp upstroke.

HPE is softer than traditional switch plastics for a more comfortable typing experience. It also has the smoothest surface finish for clean travel that does not require lubrication. The switches are manufactured dry