GMK Missing Keys
GMK Missing Keys

GMK Missing Keys

In Production(4/4/2020).

Goals of this set
  • Convert vintage Cherry ISO sets to ANSI
  • Provide compatibility for smaller form factors (60/65/75/1800)
  • Convert vintage text+icon mod ANSI sets to icon mod ANSI sets
  • Act as a mod kit for obscure layout vintage boards so their alphas can be used in modern layout builds

More details:

  • MOQ: 150
  • Estimated Date of Delivery: January 2020
  • Group buy runs from August 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019.

Please Note:

This is a pre-order product and PLS don't order any other items which are not relevant to GMK_Missing_Keys product.

The end product may vary in color from the renders(image is shown on this GB page) as they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the end product. If you purchased this product, you are agreeing to the above terms. There are no refunds or cancelations on this product.