[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT
[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT

[In Stock] IRON165 PC KIT

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The IRON165 PC edition received nearly all of the many tweaks and optimizations that the standard aluminum version of the board saw for round 2.

This includes much improved deeper gasket pockets, allowing the use of the same poron gaskets but with less overall compression. This provides an improved typing experience and makes the case easier to assemble.

The board also saw a 0.25mm top case height increase while still maintaining the same overall switch height relative to the desk. This affords the user the same great typing experience but better "hides" keycaps that aren't as naturally deep as GMK such as ePBT, providing a seamless aesthetic.

The PC version is only available with premium metal options for badges and weights as opposed to its all-aluminum sibling.


IRON165 PC Features

• 7-degree typing angle

• Full Isolation mount

• Low-profile front height (less than 17.25mm)

• Seamless design

• USB-C unified daughterboard

• FEA-optimized plate for overall typing consistency 

• VIA/QMK compatible PCB designed by Gondolindrim


What's In The Box

  • IRON165 PC keyboard kit
  • Aluminum plate
  • PCB
  • USB-C daughterboard
  • JST cable
  • Gaskets
  • All mounting hardware
  • Custom hard carrying case


PCB Supported Layouts


***Keycaps and switches are NOT included!***

Quality Disclaimer

What does the condition A/A Minus/B mean?

The conditions are determined based on appearance and will not affect the functional use.

The conditions were determined based on the overall quality of the stock. A stock doesn't mean the kit is 100% perfect, tiny marks may exist with power zoom-in or under a certain angle of view or harsh lighting.

We have tried our best to thoroughly QC all the kits based on our experience, but what the human eyes can see is limited.

  • Internal marks are not considered during the QC process, this includes internal side of badges, weights, and keyboard cases.
  • Stainless Steel Parts may contain micro-scratches or micro-holes which are viewable under certain, harsh light conditions.