Standard Primus Kit Shipping Link
Standard Primus Kit Shipping Link
Standard Primus Kit Shipping Link
Standard Primus Kit Shipping Link

Standard Primus Kit Shipping Link

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Please note that:
For Taeha and the secret set, the shipping link will be different(TBA).

This is the link to collect the shipping fee of the Standard Primus keyboard Kit before we start to ship out the standard primus order.

Current progress: We have finished all the QC works but still waiting for the foam (redo the foam, check our discord update channel about the latest update)

Please read the steps below, thank you so much!

What do you need to do?

Step 1. Choose whether you want to wait for the foam or not.
For customers who want to get the keyboard earlier, we will ship out the order without the foam. If you still need the foam, we can help ship it together with your next order. Simply leave a note for us for your next purchase when checking out!

For customers who want to wait for the foam, we will wait for the foam to arrive first then ship all the items together in one parcel. The estimated time will be early June.

Step 2. Choose your weight options, this will be affecting the shipping cost.
If you are not sure about your choice, you may refer to this checklist.

Step 3. Check out with your latest address.
To ensure a smooth process,
  • Please check out this order under the same account as your Primus order.
    (This is the only way we can check and locate your original primus order)
  • We are NOT ABLE to upgrade the shipping method, kindly review before checking out.
  • Do not order other items with your primus, the shipping box is customized and just fits for the keyboard itself. If you order other products, we will deduct the transaction fee and cancel your order.

Step 4. Choose the courier that you prefer
DHL Express is highly recommended for international customers. We will pack it properly, but if your parcel gets damaged or lost by other couriers, we are not responsible for the compensation, it may take up to half a year to claim if the parcel is damaged or lost.
We won't ship the primus through Singpost. 

Once again, please consider DHL Express!



Can you undervalue the parcel?
I am sorry we are unable to undervalue. 

Can I self-collect if I am coming from SG?
Self-collection is not available at the moment due to the covid situation.

Why does the project delay for so long?
We are really sorry about the delay. Due to the covid, many anodizing factories closed their business and our partner CNC factory have to find suitable factories to carry on (we have more than 10 colors for primus). 

We have shipped the China batch and received much feedback from the community, we do believe that we should add LED kits for buyers (to make the assembly works easier) and foam (to give more options since it is a gasket keyboard kit, foam as a dampener).

How about a secret kit?
Due to the brand new surface treatment we R&D, the secret kit is still in production, we don't have an estimated shipping time at the moment. We will update the buyers once we get the update from the factory.

Fulfillment will start on 22 May 2021 onwards and by batch. Kindly allow one week for us to match all the records and preparation. Appreciate your patience!