[Group Buy] RAMA x Monochrome R2 M6-C
[Group Buy] RAMA x Monochrome R2 M6-C

[Group Buy] RAMA x Monochrome R2 M6-C

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June 29th, 2021
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August 5th, 2021
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Q2 2022

  • Produced by RAMA WORKS®
  • USB-C
  • Integrated Plate
  • In-Switch RGB LED
  • Hot Swappable
  • QMK and VIA compatible
  • GMK Monochrome R2 colorway
  • Top Enclosure (Aluminium)
  • Base (Silicone)
  • RW Black M3x5 T10 Fixtures
  • RW T10 Torx tool
  • M6-B PCB with Kailh Sockets & RGB LEDs (designed by Wilba)
  • RW LP Keycaps 01 (Monochrome themed)
  • Aliaz switches x 6
  • RW Tool 01 (XO Reset Pin Pusher)
  • Black Metal End USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0) (Braided) - 1.5M

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