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Satisfaction75, the Mech Madness 2019 board of the year is running again, designed by Upas from Cannonkeys.

GB Starts: 
Oct 31st 11 pm, 2020
GB Ends: 
Nov 7th 11pm, 2020
Est. shipping date: 
Q3 2021
(note: if all the slots sold out means GB ends.)

S75 Base kit includes:

  • Satisfaction75 Keyboard (Aluminum top and bottom, Brass plate, Brass weight)
  • Custom Satisfaction75 Carrying Case
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Satisfaction75 Round 2 PCB including conductive foam for ESD grounding
  • Satisfaction75 Round 2 Authenticity Card
  • Custom Compass Knob (Aluminum, in either Black, Gold, or Silver)
  • OLED Screen (White)
  • ALPS EC11 Encoder

S75 Extra Parts will be available from 1st Nov 11pm (SGT) to 7th Nov 11pm (SGT). 

Extra Link: TBD!


We will open the group buy on 31st Oct at 11:00pm (SGT time) for you to secure your satisfaction 75 slot. All you need to do is to check out the base with FREE SHIPPING.

Yes! You will only need to check out the base ($650 SGD), this is to make sure you can secure your slot within the shortest time without worrying about the color and extra parts.

please note that there is no free shipping for this group buy, this FREE SHIPPING is for faster check out. The actual shipping fee will be calculated during the next section.

If you successfully check out the base order, Congratulations! This means you are on board for satisfaction 75.

You don’t have to worry about the color and add-on, as we will open another link on 1st Nov at 11:00 pm (SGT time) for you to choose.

Please note:

  1. 1 person, 1-unit, extra units will be canceled.
  2. No spot transfer will be allowed. We will only ship to the original customer.


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