Meletrix Zoom65 V3

Meet the Meletrix Zoom65 V3.

The latest Zoom Series keyboard lineup addition. This updated model boasts five fresh colors, a quick assembly system, seven mounting styles, and magnetic PCB connectors.

You'll have a choice of 16 case colors, 5 backplate designs, and 9 weight/knob color and finish options when placing your order. The Zoom65 V3 continues to offer extensive customization and premium features at a wallet-friendly price.

GB Benefits 

Early Bird Benefit:

Free Desk Mat Mystery Box: Purchase within the first 3 days and receive a randomly selected classic desk mat.

(First 3 days from June 18th, 12:00 PM to June 21st, 12:00 PM)

Additional Benefit:

  • Global GB Reaches 3000 Units Unlock 1 WS Keycap Puller for Each Purchasing Customer
  • International GB Reaches 7000 Units Unlock 1 Switch Puller for Each Purchasing Customer
  • International GB Reaches 10000 Units Unlock WS Switch 1 Pack (Random Series) for Each Purchasing Customer

Group Buy Period:

June 18th to July 5th 18:00 PM

Delivery Time:

Around the Nov 2024

For more details about Zoom65 V3, kindly refer to the introduction page.

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