Zoom75 EE Wired Kit Contents

Keycaps, switches and Internal SS weight are not included.

White / Black Aluminum top & bottom case
• White case with E-white knob and weight• Black case with anodized black Aluminium knob and weight
• White case with SS PVD Silver Backplate; 

Black case with SS PVD Black Backplate
• Knob Module Kit (matches case color)

• Wired Non-flex Cut Hotswap PCB(No RGB)
Hot-swap, multi-layout

• Daughterboard / JST cable
• Flexible Flat Cable ( 2 pcs )
• Polycarbonate plate
• Gasket Sleeves
• Set of WS Stabilizers V3 (TPU)
• Battery Foam
• Coiled USB-C cable
• Poron Dampener kit
• Silicone keyboard feet
• Screws and other installation tools and accessories
No 2.4G USB Receiver
• Storage case

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