From the designer:
"This board's theme was sparked by feedback from my partner Shannie (as well her contributions of cloud and bird illustrations), which helped to steer the board in the direction that resulted in what it is today.

Almost everything about the Cloudline's physical design adheres closely to the overarching theme - from the side-profile structure to the illustrations, every tiny detail has been meticulously considered. The inspiration for this keyboard's unique side-profile comes from the 'silver lining' at the edge of a cloud, while the various engravings aim to elicit feelings of optimism and freedom."

(Image from Internet)

Group Buy Information

  • Group Buy Start: October 10th, 4pm SGT
  • Group Buy End: October 17th, 4pm SGT (There are 95 slots available)
  • Estimated Date of Delivery: Q4 2022
  • QC Info: There should be no visible markings on external surfaces after the keyboard has been built. There may be blemishes, such as anodization hook marks on internal surfaces. Due to the nature of mirror-polished stainless steel, there may be minor, unavoidable hairline / micro scratches on the mirror finish of the internal steel frame. Brass surfaces may undergo tarnishing over time, and may have small unavoidable markings as a result.

How to purchase

Step1: Get Your Spot (Will be available in this page on October 10th, 4pm SGT)
We will open the group buy on October 10th, 4pm SGT for you to secure your Cloudline slot. All you need to do is to check out the base with FREE SHIPPING.

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If you successfully check out the base order, Congratulations! This means you are on board for Cloudline!

You don’t have to worry about the color and add-on, as we will open another link on 10th Oct at 11:00pm (SGT time) for you to choose.

Please note:

  1. 1 person, 1-unit, extra units will be cancelled
  2. No spot transfer will be allowed. We will only ship to the original customer.

Step 2: Choose the color and add-ons

The link for you to choose the color and extras will be open for 6 days until 17th Oct 4pm (SGT). 

Please note:

  1. Don’t be panic, you will have enough time to think about the color and add-ons! Please double check your color and add-on before checking out. You can ONLY check out your add-ons in ONE order. We are unable to combine two add-on orders. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out.
  2. Please check out under the same account which you placed your base order. If you check out with different account, we are unable to match the two orders together and will cancel your slot.
  3. We recommend using DHL Express for international orders as this is consider as valuable item. 
  4. We will use your Color and Add-ons order's address as your final shipping address.


Typing angle: 6.4°
Case Material: 6063 Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Mounting system: Gummy-Worm (70a o-ring default) gasket, Top Mount with relief cuts
Front height: 17.9mm (without feet)
PCB: Designed by Upas. Paired with the ai03 unified daughterboard. QMK & VIA compatible PCB. Solder only.
Plates: Aluminum full standard
Extras: Alu Full/Half, PP Full/Half, PC Full, POM Half, FR4 full plate, Brass full plate
Case options: WK or WKL
O-ring: 70a default. 30A and 50A available as extras. Color of o-rings TBD.
Weight: Aprx 6.2lbs unbuilt (Brass top Aprx 8lbs)

Cloudline Keyboard kit includes
Top Case
Bottom Case
Brass weight
SS internal frame
Solder PCB with Daughterboard and JST cable
Aluminum Full Plate (Black)
Custom Feet
Hard foam carrying case
70a O-Ring
Microfiber cloth

Colors available
Dark Gray/Silver

PCB Layout

    Note: while the PCB supports ISO, the plate does not.

    Not from Asia? Here are the proxies for this Group buy:

      Design / Case Renders

      Over the top - the devil is in the details. The side profile peeks from underneath to create a "silver lining" effect.

      Two options for mounting - a top-mount with relief cuts to improve flexibility and decrease stiffness, or a large o-ring gummy-worm gasket mount.

      A laser-engraved, stainless-steel internal frame cleans up the cable routing design, as well as adds beautiful hidden artwork to the board.

      With Keycaps

      GMK Apollo-Octix


      Prototype Photos

      For more information, you can refer to this page

      Happy Typing!