Cycle 7 - By TKD


TKD was founded by VERTEX and EQUALZ five months ago (Nov 2022), and while we've been working on our projects together, we've been talking about keyboard customization as much as we did when we first met.

"I love typing."

"Impressed by certain design details."

"Various combinations and customizations always surprise me."


It's "simple joy."

We named the first product "Cycle", which reminds us of the way we came and our passion. At the same time, we hope to bring this enthusiasm to everyone who loves custom keyboards through our products. 

Introducing Cycle 7, a 70%/FRL layout kit that aims to present an entry-level customized kit that focuses on quality and practicality.

Compared to the TKL size, this design eliminates the entire F area, resulting in a more streamlined overall keyboard shape. Except that there is no default F area, the key configuration remains almost identical to that of a 65% layout which also guarantees practicability. Cycle 7 features an upper and lower case quick-release ball-catch structure that provides customers with easy and fast flexibility for mixing and matching.


70%/FRL (357x119x32.5mm) 

2 ways of gasket mounted

7° Typing slope

18.20mm front height (not including feet thickness)

Anodization (5 Colors)/TKD Coating (7 Colors) for keyboard cases

Sandblasting finishing for internal weight

SS sandblasting, SS mirror polishing, or SS mirror PVD (6 colors) for external weight and LED Module (color matches with weight option)

What's included in the kit

Keyboard top and bottom case x1

Keyboard bag x1

Plate x1

PCB x1

Equalz V3 stabilizer x1

Silicon Gasket Bean set x1

Silicon Gasket strip set x1

Dampener (under PCB) x1

Dampener (in between PCB and Plate) x1

Dampener (for bottom case) x1

Silicon plug set (for PCB cut) x1

Keyboard feet set x1

Type-c cable x1

2 in 1 puller x1

Layout: WK/WKL

Solderable layout

Hotswap Layout

 Keyboard case colors
1. Crow
2. Lunar
3. Fog
4. Jasper
5. Void Elf
6. Zeal
7. Lavender
8. Reef
9. Sky
10. Peach
11. Rock
12. Cream
Default Plate options
1. FR4
2. PC
3. Alu
Default PCB options
1. Wired Solderable Flex-cut PCB
2. Wired Solderable Non-Flex-cut PCB
3. Wired Hotswap Flex-cut PCB
4. Wireless Hotswap Flex-cut PCB, tri-mode
Weight and LED Module options

8 options in total.

SS sandblasting, SS mirror polishing, or SS mirror PVD (6 colors). 

Addons options
Plate: 3 options
PCB: 4 options
Structure Design Key Features

1. Ball-catch structure

Different combination forms are the core of customization, a simple and quick assembly structure brings a superior customer experience.

2. Two modes of Gasket mount, which can be changed in less than 1 minute with the help of a quick detachable structure without any tools.

Gasket Bean: Bouncy 

Gasket Strip: Delicate and soft


3. Flex cuts, maximize functionality

4. PCB cuts plug, provide better sound performance

5. Case noise optimization

Foam kits:

Cycle 7 also comes with PCB foam, under switch PE layer, and Case foam to meet the demand for a "thockier" sound.