Meletrix BOOG75

Boog75 – The Enthusiasts' Gaming Keyboard

Utilize BOOG75 for precise control in every gaming situation

BOOG75, a magnetic switches variant of our popular ZOOM75. Available in a black or white case (New color design for BOOG75), BOOG75 offers a unique gaming experience with our new magnetic switches.

Existing ZOOM75 users can enhance their setup by acquiring our BOOG75 HE module for seamless assembly, elevating your personalized gaming experience.

Perfect for FPS enthusiasts, BOOG75 ensures precision and style for every gaming situation.

Choose your BOOG75, and enhance your game – BOOG75, where customization meets performance.

Adjustable Activation Point
Boog75 magnetic enables you to gain the upper hand in the game. Our Boog75 enables key activation at distances as short as 0.1mm. You can customize the activation point for each key, ranging from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Find the ideal key travel distance that suits you best.

Rapid trigger

Utilizing the unique traits of magnetic switches, key activation, and reset are determined by the distance traveled rather than fixed points. This precision enables keys to activate upon pressing and reset upon release, facilitating seamless consecutive key presses. This capability empowers you to swiftly execute a series of actions during gaming.

Per-Key RGB
We support setting different RGB light effects.
Custom it Now 

Custom profiles for different games

We support setting up 3 different profiles to support you to quickly jump between different games.