Order Fulfillment Updates


Matrix 8XV 3.0 Keyboard Kit

Part of the keyboards and PCB were received on January 17th.
LED, screen pad, and the rest keyboards were not received. 

The estimated arrival provided by Matrix will be mid-Feb.
Received LED and screen pack on Jan 30th, preparing for the first batch of shipment.

GMK Dualshot R2

GMK keycaps were received on 16th Jan. GMK orders shipment will start from 24th Jan.
Orders with RAMA M6-C on hold, the rest all shipped.

RAMA x DualShot2 M6-C

The Rama team is currently QC the grid caps. 
Waiting for the shipment from RW.

IKKI68 Badges

Partially received, our fulfillment team is sorting them now.
We are waiting for the rest to arrive, estimated time Feb 10th.


Zoom TKL and alumizu keycap

Arrived our warehouse(Singapore) on 1st of Feb.
We may take one week to unload and sort them out. The estimated shipping time starts from Feb 6th.


Salvation Keyboard

In transit to us, the estimated arrival will be in Feb. 
Waiting for arrival.



GMK Moomin, GMK Blurple, GMK Boho, GMK Lychee, GMK Deepwell, GMK Boulder

Last edited: 1st of Feb