Simpler, an innovative 60% keyboard design


    Basic Specs

  • 6063 Aluminum with CNC machined, available in anodizing and E-coating colors.
  • Typing angle 7 degrees.
  • QMK RGB Hotswap PCB with JST cable and daughter board, compatible with VIA.
  • Flex-cut matte PC plate.
  • Full Poron kit: 3.7mm Poron damper, 2mm and 1mm poron below the PCB, 0.5mm EVA Sheet in between switch and PCB.
  • Designed by Raymond and his team, in collaboration with iLouis_07.


    Simpler60 is an improved one-piece Gasket 60 kit. Compared to traditional 60 tray mount kits, we have completely removed the screws’ standoff. The traditional 60 tray mount kits may not be able to effectively eliminate the typing force due to the direct contact with the PCB, and the distribution of the screw standoffs also lead to uneven typing feel. The removal of screws’ standoff will improve the typing feel to a great extent.

    Under the PCB, we have used a 2MM poron dampener (with hotswap socket cut out) and 1MM poron dampener above the keyboard inner top surface. Together with the relief cut out PC plate, a more even and bouncy feel with the Flex-cult board will be presented.

    Between the PCB and plate, a 3.7mm thickness poron dampener was chosen to absorb the superfluous tapping sounds. 3.7mm thickness brings a better filling. At the same time, a separate silencer cotton is prepared for the space bar. In order to prevent any wobble and falling out when the keyboard is turned over, we did some homing channels inside the case with part of the 3.7mm dampener inserted.

    The GIF shows the powerful flex by simpler60 keyboard.

    About the colors, we are going to offer grey, black, brown and e-white.

    Prototype photo

    We understand that a lot of people prefer a secure feeling, especially when we spend a lot of time to lube the switches and wait for a long time to get our GMK keycaps:p, we don’t want anything to drop out when we hold or turn over the keyboard. No worries on this! We have designed some screw holes on the bottom case as well, the M2x10 screws (provided by default) can be used to lock the PCB and plate on the case. Compared to the normal tray mount, the screws will go through the PCB and plate, which will only touch the foam instead the PCB.

    An extra EVA cushion with gum will be provided as a flexible choice, in case you want to further reduce the noise of typing.

    Simpler60 is using full metal hot swap socket for more durable usage. Each socket has 2 solder pins. 

    The PCB comes with pre-soldered SMD RGB backlight.

    From our testing on the prototype, it works great. It is easy to install and there is no instability or falling out when we flip the keyboard over.

    We have noticed that switch pad/foam become more and more popular, it is used for reducing/eliminating the hitting sound when users press the switches. Usually all the switch pads are 1u size and users need to place them under the switch individually, we have thought about it and came up with a simple solution, integrating them into one piece which will be easier for assembly. It matches our Simpler core as well.

    What are included in the kit?

    Simpler 60 is not about creating something new that is not existed, we are trying to understand your concerns and needs on 60% compact size keyboards. Hope these improvements can present a good choice for you!

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    Current Vendor List:
    US - PrimeKB
    SEA - iLumkb
    AU - Switchkeys
    EU - Proto[typist]

    Happy Typing!


    More Photos by louis.
    Tangerines 67g
    ePBT Heavy Industry by Ramaworks

    I have noticed that epbt keycap stem is slightly longer than GMK. From the side profile, you may see a small gap from keycap to keyboard edge if you are using epbt keycaps. If you mount the GMK keycaps, there is no gap.