Cherry Hyperglide MX Switches
Cherry Hyperglide MX Switches

Cherry Hyperglide MX Switches

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Product Information

The linear switching characteristic combined with an increased spring force triggers directly. Thanks to a stronger spiral spring, the tried and true CHERRY MX Black smoothly moves the keys back to the starting position and grants the necessary staying power for long writing and gaming sessions.

Cherry MX Black Spec:

  • Linear switching characteristics
  • 60 cN operating force
  • 2.0 mm pre-travel
  • 4.0 mm of total travel
  • PCB mount 
  • Hyperglide

What is Hyperglide?

Hyperglide Cherry Mx Blacks were announced during CES 2020. These switches feature Cherry's new 'Hyperglide' tooling. The result of this new tooling is increased smoothness, tighter tolerances, and increased service life of >100million actuations.
These switches will be sourced directly from official Cherry distributors.

100 Million Actuations thanks to hyperglide

An increase in the gliding surface area on the front side of the stem (opposite the TLS surface) in conjunction with the eight guide rails on the inside of the upper part of the switch housing results in wobble-free operation and increased durability. This technical solution is called "Hyperglide" and doubles the number of guaranteed actuations: CHERRY MX RED, MX BLACK, MX BROWN and MX SPEED SILVER now allow more than 100 million keystrokes without loss of quality instead of the previous 50 million.

These switches are sold in packs of 10. 
Quantity 1 = 10 switches.