[Pre-Order] Meletrix BOOG75 HE Module

[Pre-Order] Meletrix BOOG75 HE Module

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HE Module Contents:
  • No keycaps, No case
  • Magnetic Switch
  • Alu Plate
  • Poron Pad
  • PCB
  • Factory Lubed Stabilizers
Switch Specifications:
Product Name: GATERON KS-37B Magnetic Hall Sensor Keyboard Switch
Initial Force:30±10gf.
Total travel:4.0±0.2mm.
Operation Lifetime:150,000,000 Cycles.
Bottom Force: 50±10gf.
Top Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Transparent
Bottom Housing Material: Thermoplastic, Red
Stem Material: Thermoplastic, Red
Spring Material: Stainless steel

  • Dual-rail structure for stability.
  • Square magnet design, with freely adjustable magnetic pole orientation. Supports multi-directional Hall effect sensing.
  • Extending the stem for better switch stability.
  • Integrated spotlight lens design, enhancing light guidance.
  • Every switch features a very tight housing and a very good coat of factory lube. No need to spend hours and hours lubing switches, they are good to go off the pack!
  • Compatible with the Zoom75 case