[In Stock] IRON160 - Copper Bottom Kit
[In Stock] IRON160 - Copper Bottom Kit

[In Stock] IRON160 - Copper Bottom Kit

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We've taken the IRON165r2 and chopped off a row of keys! Well we did a bit more than that, making small changes and tweaks along the way to further improve the IRON design, but it sounds a lot more fun describing it that way.

Never satisfied and always striving for perfection we've been able to improve upon our already stellar precision detail and surface finishes. Improved processes and sourcing of even higher quality raw material has led to the IRON160 having one of the smoothest, most consistent, and most even-color surface finishes ever achieved on a keyboard.

  • Choice of WK, WKL, or MX HHKB top
  • 7 Degree Typing Angle
  • Full Gasket Isolation Mount
  • Bottom Accent Plate w/exposed rune logo
  • Low-Profile Front Height (less than 17.25mm)
  • Seamless Case Design
  • QMK/VIA compatible PCB, designed in collaboration with Gondolindrim, choice of hotswap or solderable
  • Unified C3 USB-C daughterboard (centered on case)
  • Custom high-quality shoulder screws for a flush appearance
  • Optimized plate for consistency on every key press
WHAT'S IN THE BOX for Copper Kit
  • Iron160 Keyboard kit with sandin copper bottom case
  • Aluminum Plate (Tsangan 7U)
  • PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST cable
  • All mounting hardware
  • Poron gaskets
  • Custom hard carrying case

***Keycaps and switches are NOT included!***

Solderable PCB Supported Layouts

Hotswap PCB Supported Layouts