IRON160 by Smith + Rune GB Information


Group Buy Start Time
The group buy will go live April 30th, 2022 at 10 PM SGT worldwide!


IRON160 by Smith + Rune collection in GROUP BUY.

How to Purchase

Step1: Get Your ticket

The ticket will be available on 30 April at 10:00pm SGT for you to secure your iron160 slot. The ticket price will be $200 SGD, all you need to do is to check out the ticket with FREE SHIPPING.

Please note that there is no free shipping for this group buy, this FREE SHIPPING is for faster check out. The actual shipping fee will be calculated during the next section. Later when you select the color option, the price will deduct $200 SGD as the ticket has been purchased.

If you successfully check out the ticket, Congratulations! This means you are on board for iron160.

You don’t have to worry about the color and add-ons, as we will open another link for you to select. 

Step 2: Choose the color and add-ons

There will be four links in total.

1. Color, layout and PCB selection for keyboard with aluminum bottom.

2. Color, layout and PCB selection for keyboard with full copper bottom.

3. Addons not including plates

4. Plates addons

The four links will be open on 30 April at 11:00pm SGT and it will be available for 7 days, you will have enough time to think about it! 
We understand how panic when you join the normal FCFS GB, we got you:)

Please note:

  1. Kindly double check your color and all add-ons before checking out. You can ONLY check out your color option and all add-ons in ONE order. We are unable to combine two add-on orders.
  2. Please check out this order under the same account which you placed your ticket order. If you check out them with different accounts, we are unable to match the two orders together and will cancel your slot.
  3. We recommend using DHL Express for international orders.
  4. We will use your Color and Add-ons order's address as your final shipping address.
  5. If there is no color/layout/PCB selected when GB ends, we will cancel your ticket with a 10% fee deducted. 
Extra notes:
  • A 10% fee will be charged for ticket cancellations
  • Do check out the color option and all addons in one order.
  • Select the color option only if you have a ticket order, otherwise it will be cancelled with the transaction fee deducted.

Iron 160 will be QC-ed by iLumkb Team. Grade A will be determined on the final products we received. A stock may not be a perfect condition, but what we can provide you is our thorough QC, we will do our best to communicate with the designer team and using our best OEM to provide the best conditions.

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