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Raffles for J-02 Limited Edition

Thanks for showing interest in joining J-02 Limited Edition raffle. The form will be open for 48 hours from 10 pm SGT on the 1st of February and this is for Asia Raffle: Standard Edition GB starts on the Vendors sites on the 8th February at 10am ESTAs a reminder, the J-02 kit includes the following:Limited Edition-E-white/Black Top Case-WKL, HHKB or 60% options-E-white / Black Bottom Case-Copper middle weight-Copper Pen Rail-12 Magnets-Hardware & Bumpons-Triple Layer Gasket-PCB (QMK Compat)-Daughterboard / Cable-Carbon Fibre Plate (fixed ISO or fixed ANSI) - Layouts avail in IC-Travel CaseThe price is 625USD/850 SGD + shipping later on. (Item will ship from Singapore ILUMKB and shipping invoice will be sent once the item is ready for the...

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Dec 18th updates

1) FFF Switch production finished and ship to Singapore soon.2) Yok panda switch production finished and ship to Singapore soon. 3) C3 stabs Purple and Light Blue haven't arrived, the estimated time will be 20th of Dec, I should be able to ship out all the orders before 22nd of Dec.

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GMK Matrix-0.1 is Coming Soon

This is the first time ILUMKB collaborates with Matrix Lab. We are bringing this GMK Matrix-01 to the overseas community. It has everything you need, the base kit includes the spacebar kit, novelty kit, and 40% kit.  Also, Matrix Lab has decided to buy out all the MOQ to make sure this set is happening. 

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KN2.10² is coming soon

Collaborating with thesiscamper, we are going to bring this 60% kit to the community. I believe that some ppl may see this design or similar design from thesiscamper's Instagram, yes and he did 2-3 times prototype from the early of this year til now. We will update more details in our discord server.

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