Iron165 in-stock kits order guide

Kindly read this guide before purchasing.

For order cancellation, the transaction fee will not be refundable. Kindly review your cart before checking out. 

Orders will be processed within 3-5 working days, as we will need some time to make sure every customer can get their preferred options. We appreciate your patience!

There will be four links in total:

  1. Aluminum kits (A and A Minus)
  2. PC kits (A and A Minus)
  3. Addons
  4. B stock kits

Do checkout the addons together with your kit in one order, we won't combine orders. If you need to add more items, please contact us and we will help edit the order.

We are offerring the flexibility for you to choose the kit option, plate layout and kit condition. 

You should only see one plate option in your cart, please do not delete the only plate option from your cart. If you are seeing multiple plate options in your cart, please remove the rest and only left one (either 6.25u or 7u).


Available kits and options

1. Aluminum case 

Top case colors: Red, Midnight Teal, and Graphite

Bottom case color: Black

Badge color: Black

Weight colors: The same as top case colors

2. PC case (Limited stock)

Top and Bottom case colors: Frost, Smoke, and Atomic Purple

Badge and Weight colors: Stainless, Copper, and Brass


Default plate (Aluminum) options: WK/6.25u, WKL/7u 

PCB: Solderable only

Conditions: A, A Minus, and B


What does the condition A/A Minus/B mean?

The conditions are determined based on appearance and will not affect the functional use.

The conditions were determined based on the overall quality of the stock. A stock doesn't mean the kit is 100% perfect, tiny marks may exist with power zoom-in or under a certain angle of view or harsh lighting.

We have tried our best to thoroughly QC all the kits based on our experience, but what the human eyes can see is limited.

  • Internal marks are not considered during the QC process, this includes internal side of badges, weights, and keyboard cases.
  • Stainless Steel Parts may contain micro-scratches or micro-holes which are viewable under certain, harsh light conditions. 

What's inside the kit

Standard Kit

  • Iron165 Keyboard Case
  • Default Aluminum Plate(option for ANSI or Tsangan)
  • PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST cable
  • Gaskets, screws, and feet
  • S+R Keyboard bag


Do check out the addons together with your kit in one order. We won't combine orders.

Available addons will be

  • PCB(includes JST and DB)
  • CF plate(ANSI and Tsangan)
  • Badge & Weight Set (SS, Copper, Brass in different conditions, all comes with iLumkb customized box)
  • Protection Film
  • Gaskets Set
  • Feet
Iron165 Features

7 Degree Typing Angle
Full Gasket Isolation Mount
Bottom Accent Plate w/exposed rune logo
Low-Profile Front Height (less than 17.25mm)
Seamless Case Design
QMK/VIA compatible PCB, designed in collaboration with Gondolindrim
Unified C3 USB-C daughterboard (centered on the case)
Optimized plate for consistency on every key press

Supported Layouts

  • ANSI Plate

  • Tsangan Plate

    Price is in SGD. You may want to convert it to your local currency here.

    SGD A Condition A Minus Conditon B Condition
    Alu Kit 679 659 639
    PC with Brass 779 769 NA
    PC with Copper 799 789 NA
    PC with Polished SS 909 899 NA




    August 20th at 11:00 AM SGT, on our drop page.

    Other resources

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