Meletrix BOOG75

  • Is the PCB only compatible with the Zoom75? Yes.
  • Will it support Zoom75 LCD Module or Knob Module? No, only the 2-keys module is supported now. 
  • Can I only buy the case of the Boog75? Sorry, you can't. 
  • What switches will be included? Gateron KS37B
  • What is the orientation of the switches? North Facing
  • Does the PCB have wireless capability? Sorry, we are only offering wired connections at this time. 
  • Can the case be used for the wireless variant of the Zoom75? Sorry, it can't. Boog75 doesn't have a battery slot, but it can be used for the wired one. 

For more details, kindly refer to the BOOG75 page.