Nazaré 1-60 W1 Keyboard Kit Group Buy

Design Inspiration

The Nazaré 1-60 by Nazaré Engineering takes after the Portuguese city home to the largest ocean waves on Earth. Nazaré Engineering stands for a breathtakingly large wave of innovation and brilliant design. Through this company vision and meticulous attention to detail, the Nazaré 1-60 was designed to look special, feel premium, and sound elegant.

Kit Price: 935 SGD

Add-ons Prices:

  • Extra Anodized Black Aluminum Plate Add-on (of either ISO or ANSI layout): 50 SGD
  • Extra PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST Cable Add-on: 94 SGD
  • Extra Forged Carbon Fiber Plate Add-on (of either ISO or ANSI layout): 65 SGD


  • 6063 Aluminum Case
  • Color Options: E-White Top w/ Anodized Black Bottom and Anodized Black Top w/ E-White Bottom
  • Bead-Blasted Stainless Steel Bottom Right Blocker Badge
  • Default Anodized Black Aluminum Plate (of either ISO or ANSI layout)
  • Eight 50A Silicone O-Rings
  • Four Different Bottom Accent Weights:
  • Bead-Blasted Stainless Steel Weight #1
  • Bead-Blasted Copper Weight #2
  • Ocean Blue Polycarbonate "Weight" #3
  • Bead-Blasted Brass Weight #4



  • Bottom Right Blocker 60%
  • “Rail-Ring” Gasket Mount System
  • 6.9 Degree Typing Angle
  • Low Front Height (≈17.4mm)
  • Seamless Case Design
  • Centered USB-C Unified C3 Daughterboard (Designed by ai03 and friends)
  • Solder PCB - Compatible with QMK and VIA (Designed by Gondolindrim)
  • Supported Layouts (ANSI & ISO)

What comes in the box (excluding add-ons)?

  • Nazaré 1-60 Keyboard
  • Default Anodized Black Aluminum Plate (of either ISO or ANSI layout)
  • PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST Cable
  • All Necessary O-Rings, Bumpons, and Screws
  • Hex Key
  • Custom Microfiber Cloth
  • Custom Carrying Case


We will use our FCFS/Raffle method for this groupbuy, you can check this page for more details.

Interested customers are welcome to sign up for the product waitlist. We will close the waitlist link after 30 minutes and 40 emails will be randomly selected from all sign up customers. An email with the purchase link will be sent to the 40 selected emails and customers can proceed with the purchase.



Feb 19, 21:00pm SGT(Singapore Time)

Waitlist link will open for 30 mins. From 21:30pm SGT onwards, winners will be receiving an email with the purchase link. It will be valid for 10 mins, spots will be cut if the orders are not received within the time frame.



Nazaré 1-60 W1 will be QC-ed thoroughly by iLumkb Team. Grade A will be determined on the final product we received, but we can't promise it is in perfect condition. We may not hit your expectations for an A-stock grade but what we can provide you is our thorough QC, we will do our best to communicate with the designer team using our best OEM to provide the best condition. If you do not feel confident about the end-product please do not join the group-buy.

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